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Supporting the Local Community

At Chammies Car Wash & Jiffy Lube, we want to support our local community and organizations in Asheville, NC. We understand just how important these organizations are to the welfare of many in our communities. That’s why we will gladly donate Chammies wash books or a Jiffy Lube $30.00 gift certificate to the cause of your choice once a year. You can use either of these items as a fundraiser item or a gift. We’re proud to support any charity or organization, so be sure to contact us if you’d like to learn more about our donation capabilities.

Smiling woman driving car

How to Request a Donation

Though we work hard to accommodate all donation requests, we must receive your request at least two weeks prior to your event. There are a few basic steps to take when requesting a donate item for your event. These steps include:

  1. Contact Chammies Car Wash management
  2. Provide your contact information
  3. Include the name, date, and purpose of your event in the comments box.

Contact Chammies Car Wash & Jiffy Lube

Do you have an upcoming fundraiser? Now is the time to call Chammies Car Wash & Jiffy Lube to put in your donation request. We are proud to serve the Asheville community in all of their car care needs, as well as in supporting their local charitable organizations.

We Care for Your Car